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About Indian Lake

                                                             Boating on Indian Lake
Ramps: All public ramps have parking ample enough for trailers and vehicles without unhooking. Moundwood and Lakeview are generally the busiest but are also the largest docking areas. All the boat ramp areas have restroom facilities. Ramps are shown on this map. Chippewa on the north side, Blackhawk on the west, Lakeview Harbor south of the lake and Moundwood on the east side.

Water: Depths run from 3' to 12'. The lake bottom is mud and sand. You need a hook anchor.

All no wake areas and speed zones are marked on the map. The areas are enforced by the State Park Water Patrol. 

There is only one ski zone for skiing and pulling tubes and that is on the west side of the lake. No limit requirements on speed in this area. There must be at least 3 people in the boat including the skier.

The second speed zone is for boats not pulling skiers or tubes. It is located on the east side of Indian Lake.No limit requirements on speed in this area.

Stumpy areas are also marked on the map. Care should be taken in the game preserve area for weeds, however, Indian Lake now has a weed harvester that works the weeds through the lily pads in this area.

Consider taking the buoy quiz to recognize buoys on the lake. Also review the night navigation map to orient yourself at night.

The following restaurants have docks: Cranberry Resort ,Tilton Hilton, Achesons , McDonalds ,Kevin's Pizza and The Moose Club, .

Boat Swim Areas: On the north side of Red Oak Island, along Snow Island and Little Walnut Island on the north side of Indian Lake. Boats can also anchor on the south end of Old Field Beach and at Fox Island Beach.

                                                            Safety Considerations
Boat Safety: For safety tips, boat operating ages and PWC rules visit this page.There is no alcohol permitted on the lake. Patrol boats navigate the lake to help boaters, monitor speed, and look for safety violations. The Indian Lake Auxiliary Coast Guard is also available on weekends to assist boaters.